Tomorrow, we will witness the crowning of the first undisputed world heavyweight champion in 25 years. The two undefeated champions are polar opposites.

One is brash, arrogant, self-important, foul-mouthed, and disrespectful. The other is the complete opposite: calm, composed, and unshaken by his opponent’s continual derogatory comments and physical provocations. This stark contrast has left the brash champion confused and angry, an unproductive mindset for such a critical match.

At SweetScience Foundation, we strive to instill a positive, progressive mindset in our young people by presenting them with decent, real role models. We teach our students how to remain calm under pressure. We emphasize to them the importance of making their mothers proud. If you’re doing that, you’re on the right track.

I’m looking forward to the match tomorrow night, and I hope the best man wins.